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Who I am:

 My name is Susan Hunter, and I have always been passionate about canines and how the canine brain works. I have typically worked at/volunteered in animal shelters, teaching skills to dogs to help them become more adoptable. I am ready to bring my knowledge to private clients to enrich their lives and the lives of their companions. 


I own three German Shepherd dogs (Brutus, Nova, and Tycho) that are my heart. They bring me joy daily, and I consider owning and training them a privilege. Throughout my life I have owned and/or trained many breeds, including Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, and All-American Shelter dogs! No matter your dog's breed, I am committed to providing unique and custom training that fits his/her breed genetics and individual personality.


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in cellular biology, which I obtained at Schreiner University. Coursework included genetics (which is a critical component of dog training) animal behavior, and developmental biology. Because methods of learning are conserved across species, understanding mammalian cognition and motivation lends itself to not only teaching animals, but teaching humans how to interact with them. 

I also am a Master of Education, which means I know how to help people learn. No matter how good a trainer is, if they can't teach others how to work with their pet, the sessions will not be productive. Change can only occur with consistency, and that can only occur when the owner knows how to manage their dog when not with a trainer.

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