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Off leash skills require a solid recall, down/stay and leave it in every environment. I can help you achieve this with your dog(s)!

If your dog is high energy and ensuring they get enough exercise is a challenge, contact me about teaching your dog to run next to a bicycle! I can provide this service after training instead of a walk.

With training, most dogs can learn to coexist peacefully with cats and livestock. I will assess your dog's behavioral motivation and create a plan to teach him/her to live harmoniously with your other animals.

Dogs are happiest when they are included in outings. I can teach your pets to accompany you to pet-friendly restaurants and other venues without begging for food, tangling leashes, or approaching other guests unless you specifically allow it.

My clients and their pets are deeply important to me! Below are a few words from some satisfied owners:

  • "Before using Susan's services, I boarded my dogs. They were always hysterical when I picked them up. I can travel now when needed and know that all of my dogs are happy to spend a day or week with her. They run to greet her when she comes- no more crying at the facility when I had to leave them to be boarded! I highly recommend Susan for dog sitting and training." - M.F., Kerrville.

  • "We are so happy to have Susan take care of our precious pets. We know that she will love and care for them while we are away. She's absolutely the best!" -M.T. and J.T., Kerrville.

  • "My dog, Leo, is very, very selective in who he likes, to the point where I can honestly say that the three people he likes in this world are myself, my girlfriend, and Susan. He absolutely adores her and gets so excited every time he sees her. Not only does he love her, but she does an excellent job training him and catering that training to his unique personality. Susan also has a gift for explaining dog training to me in a way that I can understand and apply while working with Leo by myself. Working with Susan has brought my best friend and I even closer together. I can't recommend her enough." - T.S., Ingram

  • "Susan did a great job with our dogs! So much so, they may have been disappointed when we returned home. While we were gone, Susan was very attentive to caring for the needs of our 2 large dogs. Each time she visited the house, she reported to me via text how the dogs were doing. She even took them on a long walk, and they are quite energetic. We were able to relax and enjoy our time away knowing our pups were in good hands. I highly recommend A&S for any training and/or pet service needs you might have." Dr. M.R., Kerrville

  • "Susan is absolutely amazing with our dog. Close attention to detail, great rapport with our new and nervous pup, and really great at letting us know all that's going on with the dog while we're out. So glad we found her. One of the best!" D.Y., Kerrville

  • We love Susan's approach, her philosophy, and her demeanor. She listens well and is so patient with our questions. While we've raised several puppies over the years, it's been more than a decade since our other pooch was a pup. Thank you, Susan for your knowledge, commitment, and gentle strength."- L.C., Kerrville

  • "I am so grateful to Susan for the changes she has helped us make and I look forward to working with her more as we help Dutch become an even better member of the community!"-S.C., Kerrville

  • "Fantastic trainer. Helped me and my dog, Remy. Now Remy knows to walk on a leash without pulling. She is no longer fearful of bridges, dogs, sounds. Remy and I are able to go for walks and have fun together."- D.T., Kerrville​

  • "Susan is one of those natural born trainers. She just "gets" dogs, and they get her. It's human-dog communication that's entirely next level." L.P., Kerrville

  • " Susan is so knowledgeable about the breed [Doberman] and taught me how to respond to certain situations. Susan is very kind and patient with myself and Bones, both of my dogs are super excited when she comes over for training sessions." - M.T., Kerrville

  • "After 4 sessions I have a well-behaved 75 pound puppy who is a joy to walk without any pulling or drama associated with distractions such as bicycles, other dogs, etc. Great job Susan." -D.M., Kerrville

  • "I can’t thank Susan enough and highly recommend her services. Finn loved her training with Susan and Susan’s affection for dogs was clearly evident." - M.S., Kerrville

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